Trust. Compassion. Precision.

I look back at myself in my formative years, and while my schoolmates dreamt of being famous actors, athletes, and musicians, I pictured a white coat and stethoscope, caring for an ill patient.  I soon realized that to achieve my goal of becoming a doctor, I would need a work ethic that was unmatched, with the right mix of discipline and drive. As college followed high school, and medical school followed college, I continued to set the bar high, and push myself to achieve those goals.

My early dreams of being a doctor were of pediatrics because of my love for children.  Those dreams shifted the moment I stepped foot in an operating room. I was immediately drawn to the OR, and a surgeon’s careful, thoughtful and often-times quick decisions, and the ability to solve the body’s problems.

The characteristics that helped me succeed scholastically, have carried forward into my private practice. Several years ago when I completed my medical training, I had to decide where I would practice.  For me, the decision was easy because of my belief in family, and the importance of being close to those you love.

Although my brothers may not fully appreciate the dinner conversation that my nurse mother and I have during our regular family dinners, at the end of each dinner, we all leave to our separate homes knowing that all of us support the other.

My approach to caring for patients is to empower patients with process knowledge and solutions.  I consider myself a partner in each patient’s healthcare. I believe each patient must be informed and has access to all of the information necessary to help make the most important life decisions.  I believe it my duty to be available day and night, and responsive to questions or concerns. A doctor’s oath is more than simply fulfilling ethical standards: it is prevention, it is cure, it is warmth, sympathy, and truth.

The North Dallas community is my home, and my extended family.  I take care of each patient knowing that they are someone’s son or daughter, mother or father, sister or brother.  I understand that each family trusts me, and I return that trust with compassion and precision.


Jenna Wishnew Dr Wishnew is a Board Certified General Surgeon practicing in the North Texas area She specializes in general surgery, gastroparesis, wound care, vein concerns and robotic surgery.

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