Avoid an amputation!

Because patients are fearful of covid, they are waiting too long to seek medical attention. People are worried about leaving home and contracting coronavirus so they are letting wounds and problems grow out of control prior to reporting it to their doctors.  As a wound remains untreated, infection and lack of blood flow can worsen. The bacteria can then grow out of control. Once the destruction is bad enough, an amputation may be the only option. 
 Ulcers on a diabetic, with pain at rest, or present for longer than 6 weeks without healing should be seen by a wound physician. The sooner the ulcer is seen and worked up, the greater likelihood for healing.  There are many options available to treat ulcers depending on the cause. Some require additional work up and interventions like ultrasound, MRI or antibiotics. 
Wounds require several components to maximize healing. They need adequate blood flow, protein, moisture, absence of infection, and absence of pressure. Once these are optimized, the true healing can begin and amputation can be avoided. 

Jenna Wishnew Dr Wishnew is a Board Certified General Surgeon practicing in the North Texas area She specializes in general surgery, gastroparesis, wound care, vein concerns and robotic surgery.

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